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10 Reasons Why Fitness Must Be My Number 1 Priority


Last week while speaking with a friend, the conversation turned to body image and weight – mine. See, back in the day, before I was married or had 3 kids, I was a pretty fit chick. As a kid I did lots of sports and as a young adult I ran 11 miles every Sunday morning, swam for an hour a few nights a week, rode my bike everywhere and ate pretty healthy. Thirteen years later, I still feel like that same person, but when I look in the mirror I see something different.

From the time I got married, I stopped putting myself and my activities first. Once I had fallen out of the exercise habit, it was one that was extremely hard to restart. There have been “spurts” throughout the years where I have tried to reestablish my habit, but somehow Motherhood has always intervened.

So, my friend has challenged me to come up with a list of 10 reasons why I must now put myself first. Since I know many of my readers are probably in a similar situation, I am sharing this list with all of you.

10. I have run out of excuses.9. My kids are now old enough to join me on a walk – they can all ride bikes or scooters.8. My very kind neighbor just gave us a brand new recumbent stationery bike that they salvaged from a house his wife was selling.

7. If I work out I will lose weight and inches which means a good excuse for new clothes – or I can wear some of my old favorites

6. I am ready to throw my perfectionist, all or nothing attitude out the window. Fifteen minutes is better than none – so if that is all I can do one day, then do it!

5. I sleep much better at night when I exercise

4. I will feel better about my body image
3. My heart will be very grateful

2. I have put the rest of my family’s needs first for the past 13 years – now it is my turn

1. Because if I don’t make fitness a priority, no one else will! I know what to do, how to do it and all that good stuff – my biggest hurdle is making fitness a priority. How about you? What are your biggest obstacles to achieving your goals? Is it time to put yourself first?

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A Haunting Evening Onboard the RMS Queen Mary


Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has long been thought to be haunted, and it’s sailing history is rich in unexplained events and activities. The ship is now permanently docked in Long Beach, California, as is operated as a hotel and museum.

Employees and guests have frequently reported paranormal activity aboard the ship, and psychics have concurred that something is going on. Halloween visitors will have an opportunity to experience some of these “happenings” with “Shipwreck 2007″ — the Queen Mary’s 13th annual Terrorfest.

The past popularity of this event has resulted in limited admission on each night, so if you want to catch a glimpse of a shipboard ghost, you’ll need buy tickets right away. Tickets are available online. Don’t wait — this event will sell out!

Queen Mary
Remaining dates are: October 26, 27, 28, 30, and 31, from 7 pm – midnight. Admission is $35/person, and includes unlimited entry to all mazes and attractions, live music in Purgatory Park, and two dance parties. Parking is $15/car.

A variety of hotel/event packages are available starting at $153.

For safety and security reasons, a dress code will be strictly enforced. No baggy or sagging pants, Wallet chains that extend past the pockets, Headbands, Bandanas, Spiked wristbands, Spiked belts and collars, All starter gear, Old English style writing on hats shirts or pants and Oversized or extra long T-Shirts and Necklaces.

Wastebasket Facilitates Hands-Free Toilet Reading



Who knew a minor variation in the shape of the top of an ordinary trash can could be so useful? There’s usually a trashcan next the toilet, so Snowtone Design figured it might be nice to put that receptacle to use during the times you’re not throwing stuff in it. Just drag it around in front of you as you’re doing your business and all of a sudden you have a hands-free reading assistant.

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The jet powered toilet (photos, video)


The jet powered toilet

Now that what I call a crazy idea. It’s more an “I did it because I could” idea, but definitely is world’s fastest toilet, at 70+ mph. The toilet uses a Boeing Jet Engine and costed around 10.000 $, but Paul Stender, the inventor, says it’s worth every penny.
The toilet

The toilet may only be able to run on a straight and flat road, because it would flip over if had to make a turn. There seems on window installed on the toilet so that one can really drive as he is relieving nature. This is a serious problem, since evacuating and driving simulataneously must be included in the definition of such a toilet, otherwise the toilet on a Boeing/AirBus should be considered as the fastest toilet in the world. Anyway, Stender should consider to improve his invention to be more applicable.All fastest blah blah except this one are obviously useful. So one may ask what the point of such an invention is; it seems having no scientific and practical value. Nevertheless, I think we should respect the inventor’s hardwork and ideal as that of anyone else’s, as long as the ideal is not evil. That the invention of the fastest toilet is to us may be the same as that quantum gravity is to practicle people. To my point of view, the inventor, Paul Stender is a guy with lovely imagination, who brought us fun. People like Stender contribute to the diversity of the creativity of the human being. Let’s take a look at the the inventor in the left picture below.
Paul Stender

Top 15 Lame Last-Minute Halloween Costumes.


TP Mummy

“TP Mummy”: Two rolls of toilet paper, one roll of tape, and one piece of shit costume. Flush quickly.

The “Too-Small” Corner Store Outfit: Nothing says “last minute” like an ill-fitting kids costume.
The Dollar-Store

The Dollar-Store “Vampire”: The only thing that’s sucking this year is your costume.
The Dollar-Store

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