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10 Reasons Why Fitness Must Be My Number 1 Priority


Last week while speaking with a friend, the conversation turned to body image and weight – mine. See, back in the day, before I was married or had 3 kids, I was a pretty fit chick. As a kid I did lots of sports and as a young adult I ran 11 miles every Sunday morning, swam for an hour a few nights a week, rode my bike everywhere and ate pretty healthy. Thirteen years later, I still feel like that same person, but when I look in the mirror I see something different.

From the time I got married, I stopped putting myself and my activities first. Once I had fallen out of the exercise habit, it was one that was extremely hard to restart. There have been “spurts” throughout the years where I have tried to reestablish my habit, but somehow Motherhood has always intervened.

So, my friend has challenged me to come up with a list of 10 reasons why I must now put myself first. Since I know many of my readers are probably in a similar situation, I am sharing this list with all of you.

10. I have run out of excuses.9. My kids are now old enough to join me on a walk – they can all ride bikes or scooters.8. My very kind neighbor just gave us a brand new recumbent stationery bike that they salvaged from a house his wife was selling.

7. If I work out I will lose weight and inches which means a good excuse for new clothes – or I can wear some of my old favorites

6. I am ready to throw my perfectionist, all or nothing attitude out the window. Fifteen minutes is better than none – so if that is all I can do one day, then do it!

5. I sleep much better at night when I exercise

4. I will feel better about my body image
3. My heart will be very grateful

2. I have put the rest of my family’s needs first for the past 13 years – now it is my turn

1. Because if I don’t make fitness a priority, no one else will! I know what to do, how to do it and all that good stuff – my biggest hurdle is making fitness a priority. How about you? What are your biggest obstacles to achieving your goals? Is it time to put yourself first?

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