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The jet powered toilet (photos, video)


The jet powered toilet

Now that what I call a crazy idea. It’s more an “I did it because I could” idea, but definitely is world’s fastest toilet, at 70+ mph. The toilet uses a Boeing Jet Engine and costed around 10.000 $, but Paul Stender, the inventor, says it’s worth every penny.
The toilet

The toilet may only be able to run on a straight and flat road, because it would flip over if had to make a turn. There seems on window installed on the toilet so that one can really drive as he is relieving nature. This is a serious problem, since evacuating and driving simulataneously must be included in the definition of such a toilet, otherwise the toilet on a Boeing/AirBus should be considered as the fastest toilet in the world. Anyway, Stender should consider to improve his invention to be more applicable.All fastest blah blah except this one are obviously useful. So one may ask what the point of such an invention is; it seems having no scientific and practical value. Nevertheless, I think we should respect the inventor’s hardwork and ideal as that of anyone else’s, as long as the ideal is not evil. That the invention of the fastest toilet is to us may be the same as that quantum gravity is to practicle people. To my point of view, the inventor, Paul Stender is a guy with lovely imagination, who brought us fun. People like Stender contribute to the diversity of the creativity of the human being. Let’s take a look at the the inventor in the left picture below.
Paul Stender

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