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Cyclepassion 2009 Calendar


Cyclepassion 2009 Calendars Are Out!
All I can say is WOW! I got the info from Anke over at Cyclepassion a short while ago that the 2009 calendar was out, and was anxious to see what awaited me. So quicker than you could possibly imagine I went to the 2009 Cyclepassion Calendar Order Page. Once again the guys over at Cyclepassion hit the mark!

  • My only moment of sorrow was that Niki Gudex wasn’t in it this year, but with shots like this…

  • Ahhhh, to be an Ergon jersey. The photos this year are crazy hot, as always. I say it like the last few years have sucked, right?

See I told you so.
What, so you went from complaining that you didn’t see the cycling connection now YOU WANT ONE!?! Are you for real?! OK, if you go to the 2009 Cyclepassion Calendar Order Page you can order yours there, or I suppose you could keep an eye on the blog and have a chance to win one! Yup, as usual Anke has give me a couple to give away this year! I’m not going to do it this minute, but consider this your tease! Keep watching my blog over the next couple weeks and I’ll have your first chance to win one. I’ll make sure I give them away in time for you to have ‘em incase you want to give one to that special someone for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever Holiday it is you may celebrate (Ramahanukwazamas, anyone?). For now enjoy the pictures, check out the Cyclepassion website, and keep an eye out to win your calendar soon!