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Tesla , Toyota and VW Crash in Denmark


A three-way crash between a Tesla Roadtser, Toyota Prius and a VW Touareg didn’t leave a pretty scene behind, but it appears that at least the Tesla driver walked away with only minor bruises. We don’t know what happened to the occupants of the other vehicles.

According to Autopia, it seems that the Roadster was allegedly stopped when the Prius hit it from behind – going about 50 mph – and pushed the Tesla under the SUV (note the piece of the EV in the VW’s rear end).

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12 Coolest Barcode Artworks


Barcode Chandelier

The Barcode Chandelier is an oversize chandelier based on the ubiquitous bar code graphic. It’s laser cut with black and transparent acrylic and looks absolutely amazing.

Barcode Building

The Russian office Vitruvius & Sons designed a building called ‘Shtrikh Kod’: Barcode, for the city of St. Petersburg . The rigorous application of the barcode iconography surprisingly works quite well. It goes so far as that there are actual windows behind the numbers at the sixth floor. You could actually look out from, like, the number five.

Product Barcode Art

Japanese firm D-Barcode have redesigned hundreds of barcodes for use on products in their native country. Through their creative approach to design, they have come up with barcodes resembling everything, from aprons to skyscrapers and castles. The best thing about these barcodes is that they actually work! They can be seen in groceries all over Japan.

Barcode Zebra

This is one of Tim Flach’s interesting animal photos inspired by barcodes.

Barcode Billboard

Leagas Delaney London created this billboard for Stop The traffik, which shows humans in barcode form. The poster was illustrated by Philip Nicholson at Leagas. The creative director is Rob Burleigh, while Matt Moreland was the copywriter, and Chris Clarke the art director.

Barcode Watch

The Barcode Black watch from Tokyo Flash is certainly a winner in the looks department, featuring LEDs that tell the time in a futuristic manner. The first two columns depict the current hour, where each light in column 1 equals to give hours, and each light in column 2 signifies a single hour. The third and fourth columns use each light to signify 10 minutes and 1 minute respectively.

Barcode Sofa

This sofa is designed by Jason John Muscat from Demuzz Designs. It’s made from plywood and each individual bar is upholstered with foam and then fixed onto a Perspex platform with LEDS incorporated into the base. Pretty cool.

Barcode CD holder

Put you CDs in this barcode holder. Designed by Marián Laššák.

Barcode Posters

Russian design firm Art Lebedev Studio has created some incredible posters that take their barcode logo one step further. As it states on their site, “We enjoy making new posters. If you look carefully, you’ll find our barcode logo on each one of them. We love it so much we can’t help seeing it all around us.” They’ve created numerous posters that bring barcodes to mind even though the subject matter is people, nature or objects you see on a regular basis.

Barcode Street Art

Barcode street art in Northampton.

Barcode Coat Hanger

Barcodes are the inspiration for Lina Meier’s BarDeco collection, black lines of different widths are prominent in this innovative coat hanger.

Barcode Clutch

This barcode clutch from Ecoist at Reform School is made from recycling candy wrappers, soda bottles, and food containers. The clutch is available in three sizes small (coin purse), medium (phone & keys) and large (clutch purse). Plus, Ecoist will plant a tree for every bag that is sold!

Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle


Sometimes it feels like I’m already living in the future. The U.S Army’s Space and Missile Defense command plans to have an unmanned spy-ship capable of loitering at 20,000-feet (for up to three weeks) ready to deploy by mid-2011.

Dubbed the Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV), the craft will be based on Lockheed Martin’s P-791 experimental hybrid airship, which you can see in the video below. The smaller P-791 was 125-foot long, but flew six tests in 2006. It’s known as a hybrid because only 80% of its lift comes from buoyancy; the other 20% comes from three downward thrusters on each side.

As for the LEMV: a 40-foot long, 15-foot wide area behind the only sometimes-manned cockpit will carry intelligence systems, like radar and wide-area motion sensors, that will beam information back to commanders on the ground.

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Primary Insomnia


Primary insomnia is characterized by a few conditions. A person who has primary insomnia has been through at least a month of problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. Or a person who has ineffective sleep (non-restorative). The person also has to display daytime fatigue to the extent that his basic functions are impaired during the day.

Primary insomnia is a form of insomnia that is not the end result of medical, psychiatric or environmental elements. Some medication side effects include restlessness.

Primary insomnia consists of 3 groups of insomniacs. Psychophysiological, idiopathic and sleep state misperception are the three forms of primary insomnia.

Psychophysiological insomnia is associated with the stress level of the person. Generally the stress, tension and anxiety results in poor sleep patterns such as waking up frequently or having problems getting to sleep. These are people who have had good sleep patterns before the stress element invaded their circadian rhythm. In most people, once the stress is eliminated, so is the insomnia. There are some people who because of the stress and the length of time the stress kept them awake, developed bad sleeping habits. The difficulty in sleep starts to be a stress in itself. This can result in learned insomnia or behavioural insomnia.

Idiopathic insomnia is usually a lifelong problem. Although rare, it does happen. It usually happens because of a lesion on the area of the brain that is responsible for arousal. Any neurological abnormality can affect the sleeping waking cycle.

Sleep state misperception is a condition where the subject complains of insomnia although there is no proof of it. Kind of like dreaming you are awake.

Symptoms of psychophysiological may be mild or severe. The sleeplessness can either be trouble initiating sleep or frequently waking up during their sleep. Often these people will have the ability to sleep anywhere except for their bedroom. The psychological profile of a person that suffers from phychophysiological insomnia is usually a person that is more tense and harder to satisfy. They usually are repressors or people who hide their feelings.

Idiopathic insomnia symptoms are usually of a long standing basis. Typically the problem shows up originally in early childhood. People with this form of insomnia frequently complain of low attention levels, poor concentration and or hyperactivity. They, like their psychophysiological insomnia cousins also repress feelings and deny problems. Idiopathic insomniacs regularly suffer for their whole lives. This condition is made worse by stress.

Sleep state misperception symptoms usually manifest themselves as complaints of insomnia while the person is sleeping normally. This condition is usually referred to as sleep hypochondriasis. This condition can be so severe that it leads to depression and anxiety.

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China Anniversary: 60 Years Of Communist Rule Celebrations And Protests


China celebrated 60 years of Communist rule on Thursday with a spectacular display including tanks, fireworks, fleets and more.

Check out these powerful images.

Plus, people around the world protested against the Chinese government’s policies. See the slideshow below.

Are you in China watching these celebrations? Are you at an anti-China protest? Hit the “participate” button to send us your photos. HuffPost will publish the best ones.

A float holding up the year 2009 takes part in a parade to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

A float takes part in a parade to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

A pianist performs during the festivities marking the 60th anniversary of communist rule. China celebrated 60 years of communist rule with a massive military parade and elaborate pageantry on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square showcasing the nation’s revival as a global power.

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