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Berlusconi Сase


The whole truth about the attack on Silvio Berlusconi.

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STD and other Pathogens can cause of Stroke


Scientists believe that common sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and the herpes virus could increase the chances of someone having a stroke. They believe that the common pathogens could accelerate arterial disease, which itself increases the chances of someone having a stroke.

The study, published in the online edition of the Archives of Neurology, tracked 1,625 adults in Manhatten from a multi-ethnic communition over a period of 7.6 years. Over the study time, 67 of them suffered a stroke and even when risk factors like diabetes or smoking were taken into account, the team discovered that the majority of them were positive in tests for one of the pathogens.

The results further showed that people with a history of several of the infections, which also included the bacteria that cause stomach viruses and cytomegalovirus, were 40% more likely to experience a stroke.

However the team are unsure how the pathogens harm arterial function. The leader of the study, Dr. Mitchell Elkind, said that possibly the pathogens disrupt the normal functioning of the arterial walls, or that chronic infection leads to the blood vessels becoming inflamed.

If it is definitely proved that herpes and chlamydia, as well as other pathogens, can increase the chance of stroke it could result in a dramatic change in the government’s approach to encouraging people to go for a chlamydia test or practice safe sex.

Herpes has become an increasingly common sexually transmitted infection in Britain and the government are eager to make people more aware of the need to have safe sex to prevent it. Though it was not thought to have any serious consequences for health, it is a chronic infection for which there is no cure, meaning that even if a herpes test is positive herpes treatment can only manage it rather than eradicate it. It can be embarrassing and painful (though herpes treatment shortens the outbreaks), with sufferers developing weeping blisters around their genital area.

Previously, the biggest concern about chlamydia has been the possibility of it leading to infertility, as it can cause the fallopian tubes to become blocked. The possibility of infertility has been a key message health authorities have sought to get across to encourage people to have a chlamydia test.

Over the past couple of years, research has increasingly suggested that pathogens like chlamydia and herpes could be associated with coronary heart disease. There was previously a study that showed that untreated gum disease and other infections in the mouth could be spread throughout the body and result in cardiovascular problems.

Dr. Elkind and his team concluded, “Each individual infection was positively, though not significantly, associated with stroke risk after adjusting for other risk factors. The infectious burden index was associated with an increased risk of all strokes after adjusting for demographics and risk factors.

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Worst Catwalk Fails


Strutting down the catwalk in supersize six-inch heels can be a perilous sport – just ask the clumsy clothes horse who came a cropper, at Milan Fashion Week. Let’s face it, we girls are head over heels about shoes, but put one foot wrong and those sexy skyscrapers can become a girl’s worst nightmare.

Now if this isn’t the worse thing that can happen on the runway, tell me what is?

In 1993, a giggling Campbell falls off 10-inch platform boots at Vivienne Westwood’s runway show in Paris. The lace-up boots go on display in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, and Campbell uses another pair as a doorstopper in her London flat.

The picture is not what it appears to be. Alas, it is not photographic evidence of an exciting new trend in audience servicing. Rather, it’s a model falling off the catwalk. But a fellow can fantasize, can’t he?

Famous people fall, too. It’s just surprising how rarely we catch them doing so. You’ll especially love the part where Electra blows a kiss to the crowd, sashays backstage and then bites it. But wait, there’s more: A would-be rescuer makes her own trip to the ground.

Right dress, right sunglasses, wrong shoes! This model takes a fall after walking onto the catwalk at the Dior 2008 show, with extremely uncomfortable high inch heels.

In a case of subpar infrastructure, the stage of the Sha Dang show during L.A. Fashion Week 2007 couldn’t quite withstand the pressure of an acrobatic martial arts display before the fashion walks began. Now former TV Bachelor Sarah Welch is sueing the company responsable for the event.

A model trips on the runway during Sass & Bide’s Spring Collections 2007.

There are basic moves to do this dance: Pinwheel both arms, sending the right arm up and the left arm down as you dip towards the ground. Freeze. Smile like you know what you’re doing. Push out your chest as if you’re on the verge of a nip-slip. On tiptoe, spread your legs slightly, but do not flash your panties. Stand up. Do it again. Try it and good luck!

Alexandra Tomlinson took a spill on the Chanel Couture runway in Paris on 1/27/09. Grazia reports that a member of the front row helped her up. A play-by-play of the fall hasn’t yet surfaced, since, sadly, they don’t broadcast the couture shows like hockey games. But the shoes are pretty high so perhaps they’re to blame.

When the only skill required to be a runway model is walking, you’d think they’d excel at it. Guess not.

Two models fell down during a fashion event. According to Miuccia Prada, “these falls made my show at Milan Fashion Week (2009 Spring Collection) last September memorable”. But one beauty said: “I was having a panic attack, my hands were shaking. The heels were so high.” Some of the girls were so scared they were crying backstage. While Miuccia was enjoying the success, her models were terrified about walking out in those skyscraper-heels.

She literally bites the dust! Poor girl!

Everyone knew this brunette girl was going to make a big splash in the world of fashion someday…

Karen Elson falls for Zac Posen. His shows are normally perfectly orchestrated, but he couldn’t have foreseen this twist in the finale of his Fall 2008 collection: Karen Elson, wearing Posen’s last look, took tumble on the industrial-carpeted runway.

Ink, Not Mink


Sydney, Australia. Visitors to the shopping center Pitt Street Mall were shocked by the appearance of a naked girl, whose body was decorated with numerous tattoos which covered a small plate with the slogan “Ink, Not Mink“.

Ink, Not Mink – the motto of the International Society for the Protection of Animal Rights PETA, means being ready to cover his body with tattoos, but never to wear products made from mink.

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Creative Beach Towels


Clever beach towels and creative towel designs from all over the world.

Skin Cancer Awareness Towel

This creative towelreminds you to be careful during the summer.

Butt Face Towel

Each end of this unusual Butt-Face towel knows its place.

Beach Bag Towel

Designed by Maison Martin Margiela, this awesome beach bag transforms into a towel or a beach mat.

Grill Towel

In order to increase awareness of sun damage, 50 towels with a coal grill printed on them were given out at the Gordon beach in Tel Aviv.

Wearable Towel

This cool towel does not employ the use of any fastener. It is unisex and can be worn in either a tunic style or a toga style.

Murder Scene Towel

To promote Weekend Murders feature length UK drama, pool-of-blood shaped beach towels were given out at the beach.

Measuring Towel

Designed by Changduk Kim and Jinsoo Jeon, this towel allows you to measure your waist.

Mini Travel Towel

Multi-purpose travel towels packed like pills. Simply pop one out, soak with a little water and the pill instantly transforms into a sturdy towel.

Sand Towel

Though just an ordinary white towel at first glance, when turned over it has a photo of sand printed on the back that will camouflages and protects your valuables when you go swimming.

Playboy Beach Towel

During the summer, Playboy magazine was looking for a new cover girl. To encourage girls to participate in the competition, they decided to give out beach mats that look like the front page of the magazine.

That Itch? It May Be Your Husband’s Sperm


When Julie and Mike Boyd, two newlyweds from Ambridge, Pennsylvania, fell into bed on their wedding night neither expected that their sparks would be counter reactive. They had sex for the first time without a condom and instead of a warm post orgasmic rush, Boyd felt a horrible pain that she recently described on Discovery Health’s “Strange Sex,” as “like someone sticking needles inside me.”

Boyd’s immediate fear was that the pain may prevent the couple from being able to conceive a child. But after seeking medical advice thinking that she had a sexually transmitted disease (STD), Boyd learned that she suffered from a condition that often goes undiagnosed and affects an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 couples – Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity. Simply, Boyd was allergic to her husband’s semen.

Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, the leading immunologist on the condition at the University of Cincinnati’s Academic Health Center says that it’s important for women and couples to understand that the allergy is not a direct cause of infertility.

“The allergy is not to the sperm itself,” he explains.

Instead, the allergy is to a protein in the man’s semen that triggers a powerful immune response that not is unlike hay fever, so it just makes sexual intercourse uncomfortable. Symptoms can include extreme itching, hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, and a drop in blood pressure.

To treat the problem, the first step is standard allergy desensitization.

“We gradually give the woman a low concentration of her partner’s semen and then build up to a higher concentration over the course of two hours so she becomes desensitized to it,” he explains.

If the allergy doesn’t improve with this method then Bernstein has also invented a technique in which he washes out the interfering protein from the semen and then injects a small amount of the processed semen at regular intervals with a subcutaneous needle.

“The condition can becomes stressful on the couple’s relationship because they want to get pregnant and they can’t have intercourse, but it’s generally situational and can be fixed within 24 hours so they can have comfortable intercourse,” he assures.

If the normal course of treatment doesn’t work, then Bernstein says that the couple can turn to conception through intrauterine insemination (IUI), but he says this is a rare course of action.

“Most of our patients have gone on to have healthy children.” he says.

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Tesla , Toyota and VW Crash in Denmark


A three-way crash between a Tesla Roadtser, Toyota Prius and a VW Touareg didn’t leave a pretty scene behind, but it appears that at least the Tesla driver walked away with only minor bruises. We don’t know what happened to the occupants of the other vehicles.

According to Autopia, it seems that the Roadster was allegedly stopped when the Prius hit it from behind – going about 50 mph – and pushed the Tesla under the SUV (note the piece of the EV in the VW’s rear end).

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